Why is it worth boxing and what are the consequences?

Why is it worth boxing and what are the consequences

Brave and strong guys have always turned heads, but many fear signing up for a sport like boxing. Various reasons push you away from the step of signing up for a boxing section, in the article you will find all the wrong assumptions about boxers, the benefits of boxing, why you should sign up for boxing and how it will change your life.

Boxing is not just head-butting, but a whole strategy where all the muscles are involved, where you have to apply cardio, strength training and mental skills. It is important to feel all the aspects necessary for a worthy duel.

Worth boxing and what are the consequences

The most common boxing myths

Many are afraid to take this step, thinking that after this their life will change for the worse, but many assumptions are wrong and should not be believed:

  • Boxers are stupid. In fact, boxing is recognized as the second activity, after chess, where mental abilities are very important and are actively used. Each move is a strategy that must be developed, studied and perfected. Yes, in professional boxing it is impossible to rule out injuries caused by many blows to the head, but they are present in all sports.
  • To be able to box, you have to train as a child. Many people start lessons at a fairly conscious age and even progress to a professional level. At 8 and 48, you can come and learn boxing from scratch and get results;
  • If a boxer fights without gloves, he will break his fingers. Yes maybe. And in fights without gloves, having gotten used to the fact that the hands are always protected, a professional boxer cannot really calculate the strength and injures his fingers. However, in unforeseen cases, boxing allows you to quickly navigate and solve the problem.
  • Boxing is only better for men. This assumption is not true, because it has been proven that it is useful for girls to waste energy for cardiovascular loads, and it is also useful for self-defense.

The benefits of boxing.

Boxing has always been a very popular and controversial sport, and people who practice it enjoy the following benefits:

  • they look fit and well developed physically;
  • be able to protect themselves in unforeseen situations;
  • immediately load all muscle groups, including the body, legs and brain;
  • a great opportunity to “let off steam” and emotionally discharge;
  • the courses are useful for both girls and men;
  • increased self-esteem and courage;
  • boxing has a positive effect on the functioning of the lungs and heart;
  • improves attention, allowing you to react quickly to situations.

It is especially important to splash out negative energy. There is a lot of stress in the modern world, and if you don’t get rid of the influx of negativity in time, then depression is guaranteed to be upon you. To avoid unpleasant situations, boxing can help. In the living room, you can let off steam, then resume your activities with renewed vigor. In addition to emotional support, constant exercise is also guaranteed to improve physical condition.

Why is it worth boxing

All trainers and athletes unanimously say that in boxing the main thing is desire, and age and physique are secondary. For beginners, it is better to choose a sports club, rather than amateur martial arts clubs, because the supervision of professionals is necessary.

Success in this direction depends on the choice of the right trainer. The martial arts sports club is a place where some of the best trainers in Ukraine gather.

Having decided to participate in the club, you will find:

  • team
  • Possibility to train individually with a coach
  • group lessons
  • new equipment and spacious rooms;
  • profitable promotions for visitors;
  • the possibility of creating a minigroup yourself;
  • be part of a large and friendly team.