What type of martial arts to choose for children?

What type of martial arts to choose for children

Helping a child choose the martial arts deserves respect. Since many parents are afraid to abandon their child, considering it a dangerous sport. But above all, sport is a guarantee of good physical shape and healthy development for children and adults.

It is a mistake to believe that martial arts harm the child and to be afraid to denounce him for it. Injuries are present in all sports, but through various martial arts the child develops strengths that will help him in everyday life, even if he is not going to be a professional fighter. In this article you will learn how to help a child decide on the type of martial arts, what to pay attention to and what criteria to use when choosing a trainer.

types of martial arts to choose for children

What benefits will a child get from martial arts?

Children’s martial arts are a set of techniques specially developed to teach children to fight. They are aimed at strengthening the muscles, developing the child’s thinking and physical data. Certain types of martial arts can be practiced from the age of four.

What is useful for a child in martial arts?

  • resistance;
  • a sense of self-esteem develops;
  • the ability to protect you;
  • discipline development;
  • find peace;
  • strengthening of immunity.

For very young children, experienced coaches recommend starting with swimming – this is where a full body structure is formed, which will be ready for regular training. It is important to support the child and encourage his studies, so the effectiveness of lessons will be very high.

The best workouts for kids.

The variety of martial arts is very wide, and before that the question arises: what kind of martial arts for a child? Below are the most popular types of martial arts for children.

The best workouts for kids

MMA (mixed martial arts) for kids. This program has developed a program for the development of stretching, coordination, agility, flexibility and endurance. Experienced coaches first teach the basics of striking techniques, then let the kids practice light sparring. You can start training from the age of four.

Children’s judo is a common direction that includes strength training with the addition of aerobic training. Thanks to this approach, metabolic processes, the development of muscle mass and physical development in general are improved. In this sense, the character of the child and his discipline develop.

Children’s wrestling – this sport is considered young and combines several directions at once, such as sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling. A great advantage is that the main value in the fight is the concentration of the mind and the preparation of the athlete, and not hard physical strength. It is ideal for beginners, because it has a high level of security, several areas of martial arts at the same time, the child learns to defend himself, avoid blows, study the structure of the body, mechanics and its characteristics .

Kickboxing for children: the optimal age to start classes is 6-7 years old. At this stage, the basics of limited contact are worked out, a methodology and tactics for music are developed. From the age of ten, they begin to use light contact techniques. By following the lessons, the child develops flexibility, endurance, perseverance, discipline and attentiveness.

Thai boxing for children – training in this direction develops strong character traits. Muay Thai techniques teach endurance not only in the ring, but in all life situations. The effectiveness of training is manifested in the improvement of physical condition, such as strengthening the muscle corset, developing a sporty physique, strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Children: If a child wants good self-defense, then this sport fits perfectly into this framework. Regular exercise strengthens the work of the heart and nervous system. It is recommended that the child undergo training from the age of 13, when a teenager can already concentrate well and learn the technique. Until this age, you can help the child to decide in a different direction, to better understand what is closest to him. At a later age, a teenager develops resistance to stressful situations and a fighting spirit.

The boxing section for children is a popular sport that develops courage, self-confidence, and improves physical condition in children. The technique for the youngest fighters was developed with the use of strengthening, game activities that develop reaction, agility, and speed.