What type of martial art suits you best?

What type of martial art suits you best

The decision to become a strong personality has always been held in high regard. Agree, it’s very nice to feel safe and free. Martial arts develop endurance, physical data, mental abilities, help to cope with negative emotions and develop as a person.

Nowadays, there are many different sections, and sometimes it is difficult for a novice fighter to face the choice. In this article you will learn about the most popular and effective martial arts, how they will change your life, and how to choose the most suitable martial art.

What type of martial art suits you best

What is Martial Art?

Martial arts are different types of technical, self-defense and defense techniques. They are considered one of the oldest types of martial arts. There are very ancient and modern martial arts.

By developing your physical abilities in this direction, you get not only physical fitness, but also endurance, spiritual development.

The main thing in any type of martial arts is not to destroy the enemy and not to be destroyed. This is the rule of thumb for all fighters, and through practice every day, they hone their skills and develop ironclad self-defense tactics, earning them victory in the ring. Know how to defend yourself: the enemy has no chance.

Types of martial arts

There are several types of martial arts. Below you can see the most popular and basic ones, suitable for anyone who wants to learn wrestling.

Mixed martial arts (also MMA, from English Mixed Martial Arts) – a combination of many martial arts systems of different directions, developed in the methods of boxing, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, Muay Thai, karate , grappling, jujitsu. MMA is a fight in its own right where striking and grappling techniques are used in various positions: clinch and stalls. MMA is suitable for a person ready to work in several directions at the same time, eager to develop discipline, endurance, agility, flexibility and speed.

Boxing is a classic and common type of martial art, where opponents strike with their hands, always wearing gloves. Boxing is worth practicing if you are really ready to develop punching power, the interaction between combat tactics skills and punches. This sport develops attention, speed and the ability to protect oneself in a difficult situation.

Thai boxing is fundamentally different from classic boxing in that the use of kicks, knees and clinch is allowed. These are spectacular fights, but one of the most difficult martial arts. Choosing this sport, it should be taken into account that qualities such as dexterity, coordination of movements, instantaneous reaction are necessary and will be developed here. Also, it is a great opportunity to lose weight, as cardio is heavily involved here.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: the most important thing here is the right technique to defeat an opponent, physical strength does not play a primary role. It combines martial arts, defense techniques and sports. In training, they learn to properly control themselves and their opponent, avoid blows when it seems their strength is exhausted, fight hard, and force the opponent to surrender.

Grappling – combines combat sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. The main thing here is to defeat your opponent with painful grabs, throws, sweeps and stumbles. By training, you develop technicality, improve plasticity, flexibility of the body, strengthen muscles. This is where you have to think before you act. Well-chosen tactics leave the opponent no chance.

Judo is one of the oldest and most popular Japanese martial arts. The main purpose of this sport is to force the opponent to admit defeat using various painful techniques that suffocate him. In the classroom, an experienced trainer teaches various tactics and techniques that will help defeat the enemy.

Hand-to-hand combat is considered the most effective for self-defense. This type of martial art combines the techniques of boxing, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu and grappling. Through regular training, courage, determination, ingenuity and the ability to make decisions quickly are developed.

What type of martial art suits you best

How to choose the right martial arts?

Having familiarized yourself with the types of martial arts, you probably saw qualities that you would like to improve. When choosing a type of martial arts, be guided by your physical abilities and inner feelings, in which direction you would like to practice. Before visiting, it is important to choose a combat club, where you will be given a thorough consultation on the sport of interest and will help you make the right choice.

Martial arts clubs teach all of the above types of martial arts and provide a free first class where you are given the opportunity to try yourself in a particular sport and make sure that this direction suits you. Do sports and get better every day.