What is useful training for children?

Workout training for children

Sport gives a healthy body, educates character. Training adapted to children. It’s sports, a subculture that aspires to a healthy lifestyle. Necessary for the physical, psychological and social development of children.

What is useful training for children

What kind of sport

Teenagers love the horizontal bar. There were few responsible units, but there were few equipped sites on the streets of the city. Since 2009, the concept of training has appeared. Videos began to appear on YouTube of everyone taking part in outdoor sports fields.

How do children exercise?

Training is a sport for everyone. On the site, there were no differences in age, gender, financial status and physical fitness.

The essence of sport is to do different exercises each time, using the equipment around you. There are no usual typical approaches, monotonous lesson plans.

  • There is a street version, which takes place on gym equipment in equipped sites.
  • The ghetto was created to use stairs, benches, trees, surrounding objects.
  • Sports take place in halls or in specially designated areas of parks, stadiums.
  • Practicing this sport heals the body. They are suitable for boys and girls of all ages. In children, posture improves, muscles develop and the cardiovascular system works better.

Preparation steps

When doing sports, you need to approach the exercises correctly. They arouse interest, do not exhaust themselves and develop physically. Training sites are suitable for this.

Guys don’t lift weights. Here, bodyweight exercises are used to strengthen any muscle group. The preparation process is simple.

Training for children

Start with a warm up. It is important to pay attention to the back, arms, shoulders and chest. They will be the most active in training.
For beginners, suitable exercises are suitable. For example, reverse push-ups on the low bar. Little by little, they will learn to stand up in a classic way.

Choice of exercises. The trainer advises the complex based on physical abilities. You can change each time so that the little sportsman does not lose his motivation.

In the process of study, children get acquainted with all directions and choose the one they like the most.

In training there are categories according to the degree of preparation.

useful training for children

From what age can we practice?

In fact, children try some of the techniques of this training in kindergarten. You can safely start exercising at age 5 to 7 if you have a professional trainer. The specialist must be able to regulate the load and pay attention to the game and motivation.

Select exercises based on the growth and physical development of the child. Through training, you can form a good posture, improve the cardiovascular system. It is also an excellent prevention for many chronic diseases.

How are the trainings

Training for kids includes fun training. It can be mini-games, small competitions.

Classes are selected based on age and different physical conditions. The trainer constantly praises, motivates, to encourage more exercises.

At the first stage, a base complex with its own weight is used:

  • First steps in training
  • dominated;
  • squats;
  • Lizards.

Over time, children will learn to perform the classic version and then move on to the complications. You need a minimum number of shells and simple equipment.

It is advisable to purchase special gloves, rubber bands and bows. They will help diversify activities and make them more interesting for children.