Sample menu for drying the body

Sample menu for drying the body

A beautiful figure is the goal of many modern people. Most see the achievement of this objective in the practice of indoor sports or on street sports fields. Meanwhile, to acquire an aesthetic physique, it is not enough to perform physical exercises. So that these efforts are not in vain, they must be supported by an adequate and balanced diet.

Sample menu for drying the body

Nutrition in body shaping

The process of creating a beautiful and proportional figure is called bodybuilding and, as a rule, provides for two periods that replace each other: a set of muscle mass and drying. During the first period, a higher calorie diet is combined with training with heavy weights. At the same time, the indications of body weight and the reflection in the mirror are observed.

If the body weight is increasing rapidly, while the strength indicators in training are not increasing, it means that fat is being added to the body and there is an excessive amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Based on this, changes are made to the diet, reducing the total amount of carbohydrates and increasing the percentage of protein. Having achieved the desired result, during this period we proceed to drying.

At this stage, the focus is on reducing the amount of fat, especially subcutaneous fat. In training, resistance work becomes more important and the daily diet is changed to reduce the amount of carbohydrates. At the same time, the amount of protein also increases, because otherwise, to compensate for the lack of calories, the body will begin to spend not only fat, but also muscle tissue. By increasing protein, it is possible to minimize this process and preserve muscle gained through training.

Either way, keep in mind that without regular exercise, the process of mass gain or fat burning may be less effective.

Dry foods

Since the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet during drying is limited, the so-called lipolysis in the body begins – the burning of fat. To better eliminate the results of the breakdown of cells in the body, it is necessary to include foods rich in fiber and water in the diet. Therefore, during the drying period, foods low in starch and fat are often introduced into the diet while preserving protein: vegetables, sour-milk products, fish and lean meat. A diet aimed at burning body fat may look like this:

  • scrambled eggs with oats and egg white;
  • boiled chicken breast and fresh vegetables;
  • buckwheat boiled in water;
  • fish – boiled or steamed with vegetables for decoration.

All these dishes are easy to prepare, however, it will be extremely difficult for many to be strictly limited to the listed products. The absence of fast carbohydrates, which are part of many sweet dishes, is hardly tolerable by the body and often leads to diet failure. To avoid this, your diet must be varied. So a rough meal plan for the day might look like this:

  • pancakes and scrambled eggs with broccoli;
  • cottage cheese mixed with banana;
  • turkey breast and boiled couscous;
  • Korean salad with different types of cabbage;
  • chicken fillet and mashed peas.

Regular changes in diet while maintaining the right amount of calories and healthy foods will make surviving the drying period much easier.

Dry foods

Healthy catering

To date, there is a fairly popular service among working athletes for the delivery of ready meals, already adjusted for calorie content. The company that provides these services has a team of experienced chefs capable of preparing gourmet dishes and also follows the recommendations of nutritionists and physical trainers to create the right diet. Thanks to this service, the process of creating your dream figure becomes much easier and requires less time.