Michael Kauzlarich, D.O.  
  With an extensive background in medical education and family medicine, Dr. Kauzlarich joined the staff of WRC in 2012, where he has become a much valued and popular member of the team.

Addiction medicine is Dr. Kauzlarich’s passion. “The face of addiction is often times a son or daughter…it is truly a family disease because the whole family is affected.” he says. “There is no way a provider can be effective in helping those recovering without factoring this truth into the treatment he provides. This I have always diligently sought to do.”

In his spare time, Dr. Kauzlarich is an avid traveler with a particular fondness for Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. He enjoys hiking and snorkeling. In addition, he is a semi – professional musician and recording artist, having built a fully equipped recording studio in his home. Dr. Kauzlarich is also a rather accomplished cook and enjoys creating in the kitchen.
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