Matthew Thomas, D.O.  
  Dr. Thomas joined the staff of WRC in 2012. He is a native of Southwest Virginia and has lived most of his life in the region.

Having seen the suffering and challenges of active addiction within his own circle of loved ones, Dr. Thomas understands that addiction is a family disease that must be “treated on all fronts: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” Dr. Thomas goes on to say, “patients who seek my help can expect to experience what I call ‘tough compassion.’ The patient is really in charge. We will move as far and as fast toward recovery as he or she is willing and able to go, but the choice is with the patient.”

In his personal time, Dr. Thomas enjoys reading classical literature and history. He also likes to hike. In the past, he has served on medical missions to both India and Central America. He plans to participate in yet another mission trip later this year.
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