Donald Sleeter, M.D.  
  Dr. Sleeter’s journey as a healthcare professional began as a high school drop-out living in a housing project. After serving a stint in the Army, Dr. Sleeter worked a number of entry level jobs, including a position as a security guard at a hospital. He also became a part of the American Red Cross First Aid Service Team. It was during this time he began seriously considering a career in the medical field. Dr. Sleeter first contemplated a career in nursing, but ultimately decided to attend medical school.

In 2012, Dr. Sleeter was invited to join the staff of WRC. “At first, I was skeptical,” says Dr. Sleeter. “As an ER doc, one sees a lot of drug abuse, and I guess I was more than a little doubtful.” However, it didn’t take long to win him over when he began to see the progress of many of the patients for which he was caring. “I could actually see a practical difference in their lives,” he says. “Now, I look forward to work. I am truly happy.”

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Sleeter enjoys cooking and gardening. Considered by some to be a bit of a “tech geek,” Dr. Sleeter also enjoys dabbling in computer electronics. He and his family live in the Morristown area.
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