Seth Thompson, M.D.  
  Dr. Thompson joined the WRC Team in 2011. Dr. Thompson states that he and his family have been personally affected by the disease of addiction. “Active addiction means pain, but with it also comes an understanding that it can be a powerful tool for recovery.” It is that understanding that has given Dr. Thompson a greater insight into the essential needs of patients as they grow into recovery.

“Healing and recovery don’t happen overnight, it’s a process,” says Dr. Thompson. He goes on to say, “to this day, my family and I are recovering from the trauma that addiction brought to our door, but I know healing does come with time.” Giving of himself at WRC has been very rewarding and Dr. Thompson feels blessed to have made contact with so many amazing people who are courageously facing their addiction head on, and finding recovery in the process. “Working at WRC gives me a chance to progress and expand my knowledge of addiction on a daily basis.”
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