Atif Rasheed, M.D.  
  Dr. Rasheed joined WRC in 2013 after working a number of years in family practice and emergency medicine. Dr. Rasheed became well acquainted with active addiction from his experiences as an emergency room provider. He admits that these experiences had given him a certain perceptive about addicts and addiction that was less than positive. “What I’ve seen since joining the WRC staff is meaningful effective treatment of the whole person. My perspective about addicts has shifted because I have seen what is possible.”

The “other side” of addiction, the recovery side, is one of hope that continually surprises Dr. Rasheed. “Seeing patients going from active addiction into recovery and from fear to hope, gives what I do greater relevance and it inspires me greatly.”

Dr. Rasheed describes himself as a “very social person.” He enjoys the company of others, especially his neighbors. Spending time with his family is a high priority for him. He also confesses a certain weakness for table tennis.
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